Monday, August 26, 2013

HomeDirectory name inconsistency and LDAP Query weirdness

Recently I was doing some work where I had to archive some home directories of people who were no longer associated with the company. A typical configuration looks something like this:

User:samAccountName  -> \\Server\Home\%username%

Such that the samAccountName property has the same name as the directory in whatever home share is being used.

What I ran up against, though, was that over the years - through marriages or divorces or other personal reasons, sometimes people would request that their username be changed. The company I was working with sometimes accommodates these requests. My job was to identify if any of the home folders were associated with accounts that had different names.

For example - consider this timeline:

1. User bjones is created with home directory \\Server\Home\bjones
2. bjones gets married and her account name is changed to bsmith

Now user bsmith has \\server\home\bjones for her home directory. This typically isn't a problem technically but administratively it's a pain.  The question is, how do we quickly find out which folder is associated with which Active Directory user?

First, I'll tell you what did not work - and this is surprising!  Within Powershell, I browsed to the Home Folder share and issued the following command:

dir | select fullname | % { Get-ADUser -LDAPFilter "(homeDirectory=$($_.fullname))" }

(Logic: the folder names correspond with the samAccountName so I could use that for the ADUser and for the homeDirectory LDAP query)

This command worked but only on some accounts. In some cases, even though the homeDirectory matched exactly, no result was returned from Active Directory. Why?   I don't know. Independent testing of this has not yielded any solutions, though it has yielded the same results.  So - this is a problem I'm going to have to re-approach.

Still - the problem had to be solved so I came up with another way to get that information. That solution was this:

Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties homedirectory,enabled -ResultSetSize $null | ? {$_.homeDirectory -ne $null -and $_.homeDirectory -notmatch $_.samAccountName }| select na

e,samaccountname, homedirectory, enabled, @{l="path_Exists";e={test-path $_.homedirectory}} | ft 

The logic here as as follows:
1. Get a list of all AD users and include the homedirectory (and just for fun) the enabled property
2. Use "where-object" (?) to filter out users without a homeDirectory and require that their samAccountName is not found in the path of their homeDirectory
3. Select the properties I want and build a new property for whether or not the folder name defined in homeDirectory actually exists

With this information I am able to quickly see users who have an inconsistently named Home Directory folder, if their account is enabled, if the specified path exists, and of course, their full name.  Enough information to make some decisions on.

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